January 01, 2008

Mirrors and Crystal Balls

Obviously, I'm reflecting while looking ahead at the same time.

2007 - was an incredible year. You may not realize this, but it was the first year since 2004 where we weren't subjected to the "chemo decision".
In 2004, we were still researching, still waiting for diagnosis, testing etc.,  but we had already began to research and knew chemo was possible.
In 2005, I actually came within about 72 hours of starting a chemotherapy regimen, but thankfully, my PSA dropped after stopping Casodex.
In 2006, we were preparing for chemo once again, but switched Oncologists and added Ketoconazole to my treatment regimen.
In 2007, my PSA stabilized to a level that we decided collectively with the doctor that we were managing the cancer and month over month did not have to consider chemo.  After my appointment yesterday, I am hopeful that we will be well into 2008 before we may have to consider it once again!

So now, a look into the future...

On January 27th our local disc golf club will be holding the annual Ice Bowl. There are two rules for this event, No Whimps, No Whiners.
We play regardless what the weather conditions may be.  Refer to last year's blog on the event for insight.  I was pleasantly surprised to receive a phone call a few days before Christmas, when the coordinator called to tell me FLHW was going to be one of this year's beneficiaries! On a personal note, what makes this year a little more special to me is that the event will take place on my birthday!!! If you would like to participate, here is the registration/donation form.

A week later, on Fat Tuesday, my Knights of Columbus Council, in conjunction with FLHW will hold another Texas Hold 'em event. The date will be February 5th and the location is likely to be Johnny's in Overland Park, I'll post full details once the arrangements are  confirmed.

Spring Break will find us enjoying the sun and beaches of Anna Maria Island once again.  We still have several months before we go, but I'm already day dreaming about the beach, the sun and of course, the seafood!

Another potential event in 2008 may be a disc golf tournament which would also be a fund raiser, as well as an opportunity to promote an awareness of prostate cancer in our community. It is likely to be in the April or early May time frame.

The summer will bring another vacation and I am hoping we can make it to the rocky mountains and Colorado. This sounds quite relaxing and plans will begin soon....

This Fall we will have the fourth annual FLHW golf tournament. We are hoping that the proceeds from the 2008 golf tournament, along with the funds raised from the additional events, will bring our cumulative donation to over $100,000 in three years.

We are are looking forward to working with the FLHW Board and family and friends throughout the coming year.  Do you find it strange that as 2008 begins, I am actually peeking ahead? Just a little?

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