January 28, 2008

Pain in the neck

Again, multiple meanings to the title.

First, I have been having pain in my neck, shoulders and back for the last few weeks.
The strange part is it moves around. What is most concerning to us is the fact that it is consistent.

Perhaps we'll get some insight from today's doctor appointment?

Meaning number #2: Me...being a pain in Mary's neck! She put together a nice family evening Saturday night in celebration of her sister's and my birthday's. I don't express my appreciation for her enough in this blog (or in person for that matter!). She does so much for me! She is the best. I am so thankful, so blessed to have her as mine!

Back to the pain; just to be clear on a scale of 1-10, we are talking 2.5, maybe 3. It is somewhat strange that after spending a weekend playing disc golf, I would have thought it would be worse this morning? Actually, it is better than it has been in weeks! Virtually gone.

Saturday it warmed up to the low 50's so a few of us played disc golf in the afternoon. Nothing eventful, except I lost one of my favorite discs. This disc was given to me by Pete on my 40th birthday. This is the same disc I threw a hole-in-one with three years ago. I am really bummed out! Even with my name, phone number and "Happy 40th Dave" written on the bottom, no one has called!

Yesterday we played in the 21st annual Ice Bowl. The event raises money for local charities. This year FLHW was selected to be one of the beneficiaries. The weather was absolutely stellar, reaching into the high 50's. Almost 300 players showed up, shattering last year's record. I played well, but not sure were I placed yet. I was one of four players to make the shot (into the basket) on the 'closest to the pin' competition. I won a gift certificate to the Disc Golf shop, which I certainly appreciate. It was a great day, official scores and totals to follow soon.

In ten minutes I leave for the doctor. The appointment itself does not have me worried, the phone call with the results of my blood test is what does. The PSA results will not be available for 24-48 hours!!

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Anonymous said...


God Bless you David...the "Wait" is so difficult.
There are many who are waiting with you.

Your Florida Friends,
Susan & Don