January 14, 2008

Two Big Thumbs

I wrote back in December about a "good" cry we had watching a movie [here], well it happened again this weekend. Brad suggested we watch "Bridge to Terabithia" Friday night. Thinking it similar to a Lord of the Rings, sci-fi, fantasy movie I agreed, Mary did so reluctantly.

I am here to report, it is anything but that! It's a great movie, I would highly recommend it, two thumbs up and all that! I'm not going to give away the movie, but let's just say once again I was weeping like I'd been cutting onions!

Due to the medications I take, and their side effects (hot flashes) I can't sleep passed about six thirty in the morning. So on the weekends, if we don't have a ball game, or disc golf, I usually get up and watch movies. This weekend it was 'The DaVinci Code' [big thumbs down] and 'We Are Marshall' [two thumbs up!]. I'm not sure how far they blurred the lines between fiction and fantasy with this one, but it didn't matter, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I also finished reading a book that was written by a friend from business school. "One Young Soldier" was written by Gary DeRigne about his experience in Viet Nam. It was a good read and opened my eyes to someone's experience with war. Certainly a lot different than getting insight via "Platoon", "Born on the Forth of July", etc. [Mr Trueman, if you are still reading my blog, please send me your email, I lost it and I have a signed copy of the book for you].

Nothing further, two weeks until the next PSA test, time is dragging..........

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