January 21, 2008

28 Days

Over the next four weeks, a lot of things in my life are set to transpire. There will be a number of milestones, appointments and decisions that will be strategically important in our battle against advanced prostate cancer.

- This weekend I will turn 45. Some say when you get older birthdays don't seem to matter that much anymore. For me, they have taken on a whole new meaning, each one more and more important.

- Monday the 28th I have an appointment with my Oncologist. The results of that PSA test will tell us a lot about what's going on now and what direction we take going forward.

- On Friday the 1st we are meeting with a doctor at the University of Kansas Cancer Center. Depending on the available clinical trials, this might be one option. Regardless of my PSA number we have reached a point were we almost have to make changes. A nerve racking, highly stressful decision, but one that we will make with a lot of medical and spiritual guidance.

- On February 3rd, this blog will be three years old. Over three hundred entries posted, many new friendships created, the documentation of my PC journey, as well as personal journeys shared from all over the United States and the world. The other day I received a personal note regarding the impact of this blog that touched me deeply. It affirmed for me that the original purpose for this blog is sending the message that I had hoped.

- On February 5th the FLHW Foundation is hosting the next Texas Hold 'em Poker Tournament. Details are available at the website (www.flhw.org)

- At some point early in the month I will have another bone and CT scan. There is nothing more pleasurable than having radioactive fluids injected into your veins. I guess chemo might be better but I'll report my experience when that day arrives! The results of these tests, along with my PSA and Testosterone levels will help guide us in the next step.

- February 18th
is the third anniversary of my "official" diagnosis. I typed "Yee Haaa - a day to celebrate!!!", deleted it, then wondered, "is it really a yee haa moment"?

- There is another appointment we may try to setup with a Prostate Cancer specialist. He is hard to get in to see, and would require a few days away from work, plane rides, rental car and hotel stay. He has a fantastic track record, but we are just considering this as an option at this point, no decisions have been made.

So, that is a peak into the next four weeks. In between all of this is family life, work and of course, just a few rounds of disc golf.....that is, if it ever warms up around here!


Anonymous said...

May God guide you always down the right road and may He always help you choose the correct path. Many prayers for you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Buddy.. As you told me, "Just one day at a time, Tom" and dont try to eat the elephant in one sitting. My heart and prayers are with you always. Keep on keeping on.
Tom T.

Anonymous said...

Our prayers are with you. May God grant you the wisdom to chose wisely. His path is always right. May God grant peace to you and your family. Keep on keeping on.