January 06, 2008

The simple things

In the the midst of a mildly chaotic life, there a few, simple things that bring me pleasure.

Of course there is disc golf. Who would have thought the first weekend in January would bring ideal weather for my second love.

Saturday morning it was 47 degrees at tee off, today it was 55. Yes, with weather like this, we played both days! Today we ventured to a park just north of downtown Kansas City. Water Works park is arguably the hilliest and one of the toughest courses in town. In addition, it has a number of fantastic views of the downtown skyline. We should play it more often, it's quite challenging. I shot +7 which is respectable considering we've been playing a much shorter course in the woods all winter.

I'll miss two out of the next three Saturdays due to early morning basketball games, but that's fine with me. It goes without saying, a little more time with Brad is certainly more important.

This brings me to that which brings me the most pleasure, being with Mary and Brad. This weekend allowed a lot of time together. We put away all the Christmas decorations, cleaned up the yard and watched a little football. Nothing real exciting, but sometimes just being together can bring one the most pleasure.

As the cold weather is certain to settle in for the next two months, I'm really looking forward to more weekends and days like the last two.

I wrote what follows last month, as I flew back from Atlanta. It seems like the right time to include it here.

What He Became
It's many years later,
he's no longer a boy,
well on his way,
to becoming a man.

He's solid and honest,
and his life is lived,
at a pace that allows
him to understand
and comprehend
the beauty that surrounds his world.

He tasted love,
but not yet settled,
his life,
or found her, his one.

What brings me the most joy,
is his confidence and peace,
and knowing that,
his longing for me,
has passed years ago.

And I smile.


Anonymous said...

What a truly beautiful poem.

Know that his longing for you will never pass. There is a place in a son's heart that only a Father can fill. That space cannot be replaced or removed. Rather it grows with each shared moment and will serve as comfort and strength throughout a son's life.

garywlafreniere said...

I can honestly say that i may have never had a father....at least for the time that I did...I wish he loved me like you love brad! I love that Christ gave us that gift....the ability to love beyond our ability!