About FLHW

What is FLHW?
This foundation was created as a result of one individual being diagnosed with metastatic Prostate Cancer and his desire to accelerate research to identify a cure for advanced prostate cancer.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of this foundation is to win the battle against advanced prostate cancer. The approach to win this battle will be achieved by leveraging the resources, including financial, emotional and intellectual, within our families, friends, neighbors and communities.

Purpose, Goals and Objectives

The objectives targeted to complete our mission include: 1. Provide funding for research targeted for improved treatment and a cure for metastatic Prostate Cancer, 2. Increase awareness and provide education about the disease.


Our first event was a golf tournament in September of 2005.  Since that initial event they have expanded to bi-annual Texas Hold ‘em Poker Tournaments, an annual disc golf tournament and last year we added the “Warrior Combines’. Information on each event can be found by clicking on the “Events” tab above.

As of December 31, 2010 we have held more than twenty events and have at least six more planned for 2011. In just six years the Faith, Love, Hope, Win Foundation has raised more than $175,000 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation.