February 17, 2005

The Party's Over!

The pity party that is! Even though as I sit here I await the results of Tuesday's testing I have already changed. I have decided that from now on it's all positive thoughts. I have never been one to wallow in self pity, beat myself up with "why me?" or question "how did things get this far". I'm not sure who or where in my life I adopted this philosophy but I have always been one to live life through the windshield and not the rearview mirror.

On the radio this morning I heard someone use a quote from Bobby Jones (the golfer) and it was this, "Play it where it lies". That is it exactly! It doesn't matter how you arrived in your current position or situation. Your goals lies ahead of you. Your focus needs to remain on how to get there.

And so I make this promise, to my wife, my son, my family, my friends and to whoever may be reading this; The strength to beat this lies not in my physical being but in my mind, my heart and my beliefs, I will not look back but look forward to the MANY, MANY days ahead.

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