February 22, 2005

Plans are being made.....

I spoke with Dr. Davis' nurse yesterday. She was very apologetic about the whole situation last week and explained that things were not supposed to happen as they did. We put that behind us and now we move on.

She went over the test results again and confirmed what I have already reported that the cancer has spread. She let me know that Dr. Davis had left a prescription for Casodex and that I should begin taking immediately. I had my first pill last night and I'm feeling more feminine than ever! Casodex is basically estrogen which will shut down the prostate and production of testosterone and the further spread of the cancer cells. Tomorrow Dr. Davis will give a shot with a more concentrated type of estrogen and further the effects on the prostate.

She did say that he will also refer my to a more general Oncologist to treat the bone and lymph node problems. I asked her what they generally do to treat those symptoms and she confirmed that chemotherapy will be the next step. These treatments will begin almost immediately. For some reason, this does not frighten me?

At this point Mary and I are approaching this knowing that the road ahead is sure to be rough but in the end we will beat this like all the other obstacles in our life together. Our support group is strong, deep and wide and growing everyday.

My new battle cry: FAITH - LOVE - HOPE - WIN

I want to make a difference and make it easier for others to fight them same fight. So what we are thinking about doing is having rubber bracelets made (like the yellow Lance Armstrong ones). These would be blue and be embossed with "FAITH - LOVE - HOPE - WIN". I found a few suppliers and can get them for around $1.00 each. The plan would be to sell them for $5.00 and donate the proceeds to the Prostate Cancer Foundation. What we would then do is sell them to friends family etc. either (1) at cost and have you collect what they can and donate it or (2) sell them for $5 and collect the $ and make the donation ourselves. For anyone reading this, what are you thoughts?

Just another day........


Wayne Floyd said...

Good idea! I'll take some. I wear my LiveStrong one on the weekends - just don't make it yellow or black! ;-)

DavidE said...

they will be royal blue, should arrive in late March