February 10, 2005


So I'm driving home from work today, bumper to bumper traffic and my cell phone rings. It's my primary Dr., just checking in to see if I had the results of the biopsy. Nice touch.....just goes to show their not ALL bad. Just kidding doc, I can't imagine modern medicine as primary care physician? Like a factory, next, next, next.....he's a good guy though, as much as I can tell from the usual 5-10 minute visits.
I hope they call tomorrow, I don't think I can last another weekend without knowing.
And on this upbeat note (finally, huh?!) I am taking the boy to see KU vs Colorado this weekend in Lawrence (thanks Rich). He's never seen a live basketball game...should be a great time!

New item I'll try to capture thinking about; Peter, disk golf, Doug, Dan, I love Mary, not really tired yet, work bites right now, night John Boy

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