February 18, 2005

No news is, ....no news.

Having grown either impatient or worried I called the doctor's office yesterday at 4:45pm. I asked to speak with either Dr. Davis or his nurse. I was shocked when the woman who answered the phone informed me that no the doctor was not in has was out of the office until next Wednesday! Six days later! I won't provide all the details of the conversation that followed but lets just say it wasn't pleasant. The conversation ended with me basically insisting that one of the other doctors in the practice call me today. I'm not holding my breadth.
[note to Dr. Davis, if we are going to have to work together to beat this, you haven't started off on a good note!]

I left the office a few minutes later, out on my headphones and proceeded to listen the new Kenny Chesney CD while calming my mind and thoughts in traffic. (even if you aren't a country music fan, this is good stuff. It's not stereotypical "it got drunk on whiskey, kicked my dog" etc....this musician has definitely been influenced by Jamaican steel drums and the "island life". There are a few qwerky songs (Key Lime Pie??) but the best song in my opinion is "Boston").

So I did my best to think of other things but then I began to remember almost word for word the conversation I had with Dr. Davis last Friday, the 11th. After dropping the bad news in my lap I specifically asked him "What's next, how long before we begin doing something about this, I've been dealing with different symptoms since December and I'm ready to do something about this....". His response was very clear; I would get a CAT scan and bone scan early this week and 2-3 days later he would have the results and the we would decide on which path to take. I asked "So by this time next week we should be ready" and he replied [I distinctly remember this] "I have already asked my nurse at the College Park office to schedule your tests ASAP, if you don't hear from her Monday by 10 call her. The tests results usually take 2 to 3 days to get to us but ask them to send the results ASAP and I should recieve them in 24-48 hours".

I understand the man needs to take time off etc. but to leave me hanging, without instructions for someone, anyone in his office on my situation is beyond me? Screw me once, shame on you. Screw me twice, shame on me. [there will not be a "twice"]

I just called the facility that did the testing, my reports were sent to the doctor on Wednesday!

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