February 12, 2005

D Day +1

Not such a bad day.....
1) Played disc golf, I got my first HOLE IN ONE!!!!
A rather short but perplexing down hill shot. It was freakin' awesome. And there is nothing funnier than three forty something guys jumping around in the snow high five-ing each other! Thanks Pete and Rob it was sooooo cool!

2) Brad had his last 3 on 3 basketball game. He's not much of a shooter but he can play pretty darn good defense. They won again, but "they don't keep score".

3) Rich, Mike, Brad and I went to the Kansas vs Colorado basketball game. Brad's first, KU clobbered them by 29.

I told my dad this morning and then called the siblings earlier tonight.....no tears but a lot of shock.

I'm not going down without a fight but God I don't want to die.

Instant thoughts: I love spring and glad it is almost here.

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