January 29, 2007

I am such a Wii-Knee

Perhaps I'll be the first to post a story about such a phenomenon? I have to give credit where credit is due however, it was my brother-in-law that coined the term.

Yes, I was suffering from 'Wii-Knee' over the weekend. For those of you who may not be familiar with the term 'Wii' [pronounced 'we'], it is a new video game console from Nintendo. It was sort of a run away hit over the holidays. What makes it unique is that you wave the remote control around to play the game. Tennis, swing the remote like a tennis racket, bowling, golf, baseball, etc. swing the remote like the club, bat or racket.

Well Friday night I played a few games of tennis and towards the end, I twisted a little too much and 'tweaked' my knee. I thought nothing of it but then Saturday morning when we played disc golf I noticed I was having problems squatting down. It didn't effect my game (more on that later) but occasionally there was a twinge of pain. (side note, Mary has forbid me from playing for awhile! Just when I was getting the backhand kill shot down!!)

I mentioned it to Rich while playing disc golf Saturday morning and his response was "You have Wii-knee!" which led to 'you are a wii-knee' etc., all directed my way with the light heartiness I have come to expect from our group.

Saturday we played birthday disc golf. We played teams again because the group was large enough. After flipping for partners I realize Joe and I are partnered again. Usually this would be good news as Joe is the best player in the group. However, over the last three or four months Joe and I have been paired together and the results have been horrible. We'll play well in every aspect of the game, except when it comes to putting. I think the last time we might have even finished last!

I looked at Joe and said 'not today, not on my birthday!". In an attempted to shorten this post, we came through shooting a '-4', winning by five or six strokes!
Saturday night I had dinner with my favorite person in the world, Mary and four other people that rank right up there, my brother and sister in law (who shares a birthday with me...although her first birthday came a couple of years after mine.) and Pete and Joe.
It was fantastic! A great meal (Ahi Tuna for me) with great company! I couldn't have hoped for a better birthday!!
Sunday we got up and played in the 'Ice Bowl'. The Ice Bowl is an annual international event where each local disc golf club holds their own tournament. The money raised goes to a local charity of choice (the Bishop Sullivan Center here in KC). There are three rules for the Ice Bowl: - It cannot be canceled regardless of the weather
- No wimps, No whiners
- No excuses

We played last year as well when the weather was a balmy 60 degrees. Yesterday at 8:30am the temperature was a little different; 13 degrees!! The only thing that made it bearable was the fact there was little to no wind. I was never cold though. With four layers of clothes on top, a ski mask (thanks to Rich), two pairs of socks and 'hot hands' pocket warmers it was an all together beautiful morning. Our group of six was the second group out so we were done by 10:45. I ended up shooting +1 (55) which was good enough for about 30th place out of 210 players. We left for a few hours, enjoyed some steaming hot chicken chili and returned for the last nine holes at 3pm. Joe and I struggled in the woods and ice, Rich shot even par and likely placed in the top 20!! Official results have not been published.

We ended the day with a nice family gathering and enjoyed a great dinner complete with a delicious angel food cake that Mary made topped with fresh berries. All together, it was the birthday weekend I was hoping I would experience; full of family, friends, great food and good times!!!!


Gary LaFreniere said...

LMAO - Too funny, we had one of those at my LAN Party....Grown men going all out on a video game is awesome.....You know that the concept is from the days when playing Atari and you would move the controler all over the place trying to halp your game play while playing PONG or Astroids.....Hope you fell better....

As for Ice Bowl, back in Oregon, I did not miss one in the past 6 years playing DG....however....13.....too cold....but I will stick with the excuse of having already commited to serving in my church most of the day....See you on the course when the weather is better...

little g

Anonymous said...


Belated Happy Birthday! Let's raise a toast shortly and plan on celebrating many, many more.

Thanks for all that you represent.