January 09, 2007

They're alive!

Timing is everything in life and in blogging!

In my last post I rhetorically asked "What ever happened to R.E.M.?"
Then yesterday, what do you know, they get elected into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!!


Yesterday I had my monthly check-up, blood draw and 4mg infusion of Zometa (treatment #5). Nothing to report right now, the PSA results won't be back until Wednesday. I am still feeling great, except for this mild discomfort in my neck and upper back. It didn't start until I returned to work and it is not persistent (I haven't even reached for the Advil!). I think it is related to the concrete floors at work. For now we are just keeping tabs on it.

Winter apparently is going to visit us again this weekend, they are predicting twenty degree temperatures and ice! Not sure about the rest of the country, but in Kansas City the weather people get way to excited about this stuff!!

I myself, am already looking forward to Spring!

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