January 26, 2007

For other reasons.....

Tomorrow I turn 44. Usually not a real eventful or 'milestone' birthday. After 21, what else is there to look forward to? For me however, they've become more important milestones once again. the feeling reminds me of when we were little and you looked forward to being ten, or thirteen, etc., it didn't matter, it was still an important accomplishment.

Now for me, every single year becomes an important milestone, another year older, another year filled with time shared with family, friends, life and of course, another year of beating this monster back!

So I submit this blog, on my Birthday Eve. I am thankful to God for another year and I pray to that same God for many, many, many more.
As to not end this on a somber note, let's all think of the Geiko commercial. The little short guy (I guess it's not PC to call him a midget? "Height challenged" perhaps? Whatever, it's my blog!), so the midget is standing there,and he sings "Oh, yeah, it's my birthday....." Everyone together now, "Oh, yeah, it's my birthday....."


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday David,

We pray with you for many, many more birthdays. Thanks for sharing the way you do and for being a hero to so many. Yes I said "hero". I know America has many heros including all the brave men and women of our armed forces and even though you are fighting a diferent battle none the less you are certainly a hero to so many.

Gob Bless you and God Bless all our heros.

John Wagner said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! May this year bring you nothing but blessings.

God Bless you and your family!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Here's to many, many more!