January 17, 2007

Left in the hands of bureaucrats.....

The FDA is going to "Fast Track" Provenge....

My fingers are crossed but it looks like we might not have an answer until May.

I'm just hoping I won't need Provenge for a long, long time!
On another note; I received another reminder the other day of just how fortunate I am. I know a women who is battling cancer, as is her husband and now so is her mother. Remarkably she is so stoic, strong, together. It is her strong belief in God that gets her through day to day.

I can't imagine? Couple this burden with two more....
It's cold here in KC, overnight lows near zero. It is supposed to reach a balmy 38 by tomorrow.....just over eight weeks until Spring! Green grass, tulips and hyacinth....I can't wait.

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