April 25, 2005

"The" Smoothie (UPDATED 1-12-07)

In addition to mentioning it here, I've told many of you about my daily breakfast smoothie....
well...here is the recipe, (but being me, I have to add a few comments first!).
- this is extremely easy to make, it only takes a minute
- it is VERY filling, in fact it is all I have until lunch
- it does require a little prep work - buying and slicing strawberries, making sure you have all the ingredients in the house and peeling the bananas and having them stored in the freezer so they are frozen when you are ready to make your smoothie.
A frozen peeled banana will last for a long time and sliced, refrigerated strawberries for 5-6 days depending on how ripe they are when sliced. The flax seed oil is optional, we add it because we cut red meat out of our diet and this adds back protein and a few other key nutrients.

6 T Dannon no fat vanilla or strawberry yogurt
1 cup blueberries
1 cup sliced strawberries
8 ounces pomegranate juice
2 Scoops of powdered Iso-Soy (Vanilla)
1 frozen banana

1. Put strawberries and blueberries in blender
2. Add yogurt, Iso-Soy and juice
3. Blend on low setting for 30 - 40 seconds
4. While blending, cut frozen banana into small pieces and add through the top of the lid. (Speaking from experience, if you remove the entire lid while blending, you have a smoothie clean up project in the kitchen!)
5. After all banana pieces are added, switch setting to high for 30 seconds.Enjoy!!!!!

aprox 20oz
Calories 456, Carbs 81, Fat 5.8, Fiber 21.6, Protein 41.9

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