April 08, 2005

Results of my 6 week check up

OK, before I share the results, a little recap since you don't leave and breath this stuff on a daily basis.
- A "normal" PSA count is less the 1
- When your nunber/count gets around 4 your doctor will start to check you more often
- A score near 10 in ususally not good and is most likely an indicator you have Prostate Cancer
- My scores were 187 and 219 before I started this medication
- My doctor had indicated that at this point if my scores got down near or below 50 it would be a good signal that the medication is working

And so this morning I roll up my sleve and get proded for the millionth time.

The nurse just called.....and the number was.....

3.51 !!!!

No that is not a typo "three point five one"!!!!

While this doesn't mean I'm out of the woods, it could indicate several of the other
areas may have cleared up, or at least shruken is size? We'll find out in Houston.

But, we finally got some good medical news...we're celebrating tonight!
But, still no red meat!

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