April 22, 2005

It gets better.....

We turned a corner over the past 48 hours....

1) We realized and agree that things are no worse off than before we went to Houston. Yes, it is hard but we vow to take this a day at a time, go step by step (insert in your own cliché here), etc.

2) I had an interview today and another on Monday, YEAH!

3) Insurance again, is not an issue. Everything will switch over to Mary's coverage on May 1st. I spoke with them yesterday and referrals etc are taken care of and we are set to go.

4) We met with my urologist (Dr. Brad Davis) today. I have spoke of him in past entries, I can not say enough about him. He and his nurse (Mel) are truly remarkable caregivers! I feel blessed that I was referred to their care. Dr. Davis agreed with our decision to leave Houston and not participate in the study. He is pleased with the progress of the current treatment and was optimistic that we are on the right path. (By the way, Lance Armstrong walked out of MD Anderson - I am sure it is a fine institution and it's reputation is impeccable, just no "Love Connection" for us). Dr. Davis instills a lot of hope in both of us. We realize that this is the mother of all battles, but he just leaves us feeling confident that we will make it, we can "WIN" with Faith, Love and Hope (good meds, strict diet and consisten exercise regimen. He again said we could go years and years (3, 7, ...?) on this medication and new disoveries are made daily. You just never know!

5) I have an appointment on May 2nd with the general oncologist that Dr. Davis had recommended. Just an initial consultation to make sure he too agrees with our battle plan.

6) The night before last Brad had a nightmare, something that rarely happens with him. Last night he was acting a little abnormal, just kind of moody. When Mary asked him what was the matter he broke down in tears and said "Dad could die!". After she calmed him down he was much better. He was much better today and had the day off school. I took him with me to the barber shop and on the way home we broke the law and I let him ride in the front seat. I asked him about last night and we talked about what was going on. I told him that first he didn't need to worry about something happening to me immediately. I assured him it would be years before (and if) things got worse. Also, when they did get worse, that is when I would need the "tough medicine". After the "tough medicine", it "could" be several more years. I also explained that in all that time there could be a doctor or scientist that discovers something to make me better. His reply was, and this is classic Brad, "So it could be 10 years from now?", I told him that was possible as long as I take my medicine, eat right, exercise and we all keep praying. He said "10 years", I'll be out of high school and be living in Texas, that's fine!" (it's a long story about moving to Texas...) Anyway, I haven't laughed so hard in quite a while....classic Bradley!

So...the weekend is here, it's a movie tonight (Oceans 12), disc golf at 7:30am, more painting (almost done), two soccer games tomorrow and one on Sunday, Mass, mow the grass, clean the carpets......just a "normal" weekend!

[New Music on the iPod] Keb Mo - Slowdown. I've actually owned this for about 4 years, great blues album. Not in the classic blues sense, more along the lines of Robert Cray etc.

Enjoy - Peace be with all of you!

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Anonymous said...

Hey David! I saw Keb Mo in concert a few years back in Indianapolis with Christy. We were at a home electronics expo and he opened for Spyro Gyra. I must admit that I had never heard of him before that night but I know what you mean. He is awesome! On that particular night he blew Spyro Gyra away and I'm a huge SG fan.