April 11, 2005

More than medication.....

Having a weekend to reflect on Friday's news, I am becoming more and more of a believer in two things; the power of prayer and the ability of our bodies to heal themselves. While I am not saying this is over, Friday's news was pretty encouraging!

First, I owe all of you a tremendous amount of gratitude. The number of prayer groups, prayer chains, mass intentions and
just simple silent individual prayers is staggering. My love to all of you.

[AMENDED 4/12] after some thought I hope this next passage is not taken as judgmental? The point I am trying to get across is that I use to smoke, many years ago and I quit. I knew I had a lousy diet and didn't exercise enough and it took something like this to change me. I am lucky, I have very strong will power, but at the same time I was forced into a change. If anyone reads this and it starts them down a path to a "healthier" lifestyle, than good for them, let me know what I can do to help!

Second, as I drove into work today (raining, traffic, SLOW) I noticed two things; a "weight challenged" women pulled out of Hardees and a half a dozen drivers flick their cigarette butts on to the highway. My though was this; compare your body to an automobile. Would you ever consider putting gasoline in the crankcase? Or oil in the gas tank? I don't necessarily have a good analogy, but our bodies are like a machine, if you put garbage in, your body has to expend so much energy processing the junk, it cannot focus on running properly or fighting off the "bad guys".

I'll try not to harp on and on about this, just give it some thought.....

[OTHER NEWS] On his own, Brad wrote a prayer to the Pope and read it during the announcements at school this morning.
Without offense to anyone whose children attend public schools, I wonder if they even discussed the Pope in public schools?

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