April 14, 2005

A juxtaposition

As I have mentioned at least once before, I thank God this happened to me during spring.

I cannot imagine going through this in the fall or winter. Being cooped up in the house, the world around dead and dormant....it's a little depressing just thinking about it!

So today I drive to work and scan through my iPod real quick and select Van Morrison's "Back on Top". Overall a great CD (thanks Peter for turning me on to it back at Rockhurst!), but the songs and theme if you will are about fall ("...when the leaves come falling down...") or lost love ("...reminds me of you...") etc. So there is the back drop or the setup.

I get in the car and traffic is brutal. Now I know KC has nothing to complain about compared to New York, LA, Chicago, Houston etc. but the drive that should take me 25 minutes take 45+. I bailed off the highway after having enough and meandered my way through local streets and much lighter traffic. It was a great decision....it is spring after all and there is not a lot to be seen from the interstate!

Redbuds and Bartlet pears....I must go to DC and see the Cherry Blossoms one day...tulips, hyacinths and basically just the fact that everything turned green and buds exploded over the last week or so.....

Thank God for spring, another factor to get me though this.....

I haven't told many people I work with what is going on with me, I'm not sure why not? I have told no one at work about this blog. However, through a mutual friend someone did find out. In my two years here I have had little to no interaction with her but the other day we sat in her office and she told me I inspired her. I was floored and touched at the same time. She went through and continues to go through some health issues of her own ~ find a way to send your prayers her way!

We now have less than 96 hours until our first doctor appointment in Houston, the butterflies have found a home in my stomach, it must be spring!

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