June 01, 2011

.... for a reason.

Ever since I've known Mary (25+ years) she always has used the expression, "Everything happens for a reason".

While we were at the beach we spent a lot of time looking for sea shells. One afternoon Brad walked up to the north end of Anna Maria Island and while looking for shells he lost his blue silicon FLHW bracelet.

Then, on Tuesday while we were at Busch Gardens I received the following email:

As I was strolling along the beach at sunrise this morning on the north end of Anna Maria Island in Florida...I noticed a blue bracelet at the edge of the sea...just sitting there mixed in with all the beautiful shell shades....so I picked it up and read Faith Love Hope Win www.flhw.org.

Upon returning home I went to your website and I am still dazed and amazed at what I found. My husband passed to heaven 20 years ago...he was 42...our daughters were 5 and 8 at the time....he had prostate cancer. Not quite sure yet what his message is to me here... just thought I would share this with you. In light, LM

I hope your reaction was like mine. WOW! A coincidence? Perhaps it was, but I believe it was something more. For her? For me? I'm not sure and I may never figure it out. Anyone could have found the bracelet, but it ends up in her hands and with her story it had to happen for a reason.

I met her on the beach one morning and we walked (a long way!) and talked, and talked and talked. She told me about her husband and daughters and I told her about Mary and Brad. It was probably the fastest 90 minutes I have experienced in a long time. The discussion was fascinating, enlightening and touching.

Reflecting a few days later I am left with the thought of how much she still misses him twenty years later. I was also left with the thought that perhaps I had just met Mary, twenty years from now?


MP said...

I also believe things happen for a reason, but I have never heard such a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing with us

dan said...


Mary and David said...

Beautiful and yes, everything happens for a reason. I believe that with all my heart. Thanks for sharing that, it was wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I got shivers when I read this!

Anonymous said...


I'm a shivering too. Speechless.


Marylanders said...

Amazing. God really does work in myserious ways!

Anonymous said...

You are blessed to have such an amazing moment happen to you. God is talking to you in so many ways. I continue to pray for you. Keep the faith and thank you for sharing your stories and touching the lives of so many of us. God bless.