May 30, 2011

AMI - 5.21-5.28

After Brad and I spent the night in Atlanta we boarded a plane on Saturday morning. Instead of heading back to KC however, we continued further south to Tampa where we met my dad and brother Dan.

Brad always teases me about renting a 'cool' car versus a 'dad' car. The rental was supposed to be a Taurus or similar car but it didn't take much arm twisting on the part of the man at the rental counter to upgrade us to a Chrysler 300. This is currently one of Brad's favorite cars so when I pulled up outside the baggage area in the red 300 I thought his jaw was going to hit the ground.

The weather in Anna Maria Island, FL was perfect all day, everyday. No clouds, 85 degrees and a gentle breeze. We spent each morning by the pool and afternoon at the beach. The only exception was Tuesday when Brad, Dan and  I went to Busch Gardens to ride roller coasters.

Each night we ate fresh seafood, key lime pie and basically just chilled out. It was fun, relaxing and just what the doctor ordered, so to speak. There are a few more observations and incidents to report, but that will be part of my next update.  There is also a medical update, but that too will have to wait for now.

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