May 20, 2011

My friend MP

I have a fellow PC brother ‘MP” and earlier this month he sent an email to myself and a few others. In his message he thanked us for our friendship and support and letting us know he has decided to fore go any additional treatments. Though I don’t know him well it still came as a punch in the gut. He mentioned this when we talked on the phone a  few weeks ago, so I was not completely surprised however, reading his words crippled me emotionally. I sat on the email until today and then I replied with the following. I wish I knew what else to say……

This email has sat in my inbox for 11 days now.
I look at it every day and wonder "what the heck do I say?"
Today I guess I stopped wondering and decided to act.

We don't know each other in the formal sense of the word, but when I called you on the phone a few weeks ago, I immediately realized how well we really did know each other.

What others don't understand, those living without terminal cancer, is how at ease some of us, perhaps most us become with what is to come. Our conversation and your email immediately confirmed you have truly accepted your fate. As strong as I may appear, I'm not completely with you. I accept the eventual outcome of this journey, I'm just not ready for the ride to be over!

I hope you and your family are able to enjoy to the fullest every second of every day ahead of you. Laugh, cry and generally just enjoy this beautiful thing we call life!

I feel blessed to know you and wish you the peace and grace of God or whomever you look to for spiritual guidance.


Anonymous said...

David you have spoken from the heart - I hope your kind words and thoughts inspire others as well.


Anonymous said...

What a great response. I am sure it touched this person as it touched the rest of us.