May 01, 2011

Guess who's at it again?

Tomorrow I'm off to Newark, NJ where I will have the privilege of sharing my story once again. I will be speaking in front of several hundred marketing and support employees for a large pharmaceutical company. It is an honor to share my time with them and to provide a brief glimpse of prostate cancer from the patient's view.  I will basically be repeating my presentation from March, and sharing my six year journey with prostate cancer.

It's not one-hundred percent serious. I try to work in a little humor, as to not completely depress the crowd after 30 minutes. As I was preparing my notes I came across the slide where I explain that although I am honored to be there, I am not standing up there alone, but rather representing all the other men fighting the disease. I list the names of many of the guys I stay in touch with on line and then I show a list of five men whom we've lost over the years.

What stopped me was the fact that I need to add two names to the list. One was the father of a man who resides here in Kansas City. The other man's daughter had reached out to me years ago when he was first diagnosed. I was quite saddened last week when I received emails from both letting me know their fathers had passed.

This is the truly sad part of this disease, when good men die. And now I find myself speechless. I pray this doesn't happen on Tuesday morning. I will try my best to maintain my composure as I share my story, but there are times like this when I am reminded how much I hate this diesease!


Sherry Luttrell said...

Who better to speak and share in behalf of these men than you.

Best wishes.


Anonymous said...


Don't worry about being speechless. Just get yourself to Newark. God will handle the rest. He has placed everything within you that's needed. In fact, you don't really even need notes. It will flow from you like it always has.