May 05, 2011

Are you kidding me?

I am always reluctant to celebrate good news too soon after hearing it. There is usually a 'but' attached to its arrival.

In this case it was last week’s announcement of the FDA approval of Abiraterone (the clinical trial medication I am currently taking). Once the drug received the official approval, all work on opening up additional trial sites ends and the focus for the drug manufacturer becomes the launch of the product. While this makes sense from a business perspective, what this means for little old me is that the University of Kansas Cancer Center drug will not be an approved trial site. It also means I will be returning to Atlanta monthly until my insurance company begins approving the use of the drug for its customers.

Just another case of really, really bad timing and that is the positive spin on what just happened. Actually, I remain thankful that I am receiving the medication in the first place and am confident that eventually it will all work out.

So it’s hello again Atlanta! Welcome me back MARTA train and to the cute little red Prius Zip Car at the Arts Center, you are on notice - I'll be back for you a few more times.

I'm not even going to predict if late May will be my last trip, because it will likely be June, July or God only knows.


Karl said...

"cute little red Prius Zip Car" make sure you return it with gas....cause Rental Car companies are now charging customers $9.00 a gallon or more to refill.....

David E said...

Karl - one of the good thing about Zip Car is you don't have to pay for gas! Each car had a gas card in it, the renter just needs to make sure they leave it with 1/3 of a tank!