June 10, 2011

Great insight on Cabozantinib (XL 184)

There is a flurry of XL 184 information circulating after last week’s ASCO conference in Chicago. This link to MedPageToday includes a brief video interview with Dr. Maha Hussain, University of Michigan.

On a personal note, this is the drug that we are pursuing for my next treatment. There are currently open Phase I and Phase II trials, though neither are available in Kansas City.

The Phase II trial is recruiting in multiple locations, it looks like Las Vegas might be the best option for me. The Phase I trial is only available in Boston and though it is currently full, they will likely recruit 11 additional patients to expand the trial in late July. My Oncologists’ office is currently helping us determine if I qualify for either trial. Stay tuned!

If this doesn’t pan out, and because I am not responding to the Zytiga, my other option will likely be Taxotere, i.e. chemotherapy. If we do go down this path I will discuss using Taxotere in combination with some other drug in an off label or experimental basis. I'm not sure if there is anything available, or if this even makes sense, but we will be discussing these options with my Oncologist.

I have thought about Provenge but becasue it does not immediatley have an impact on PSA, it is not a path I am ready to pursue. 

Overall my health remains stable. I continue to have a few minor aches and pains from time to time but it is easily alleviated with a few Advil. 

My thoughts and prayers are currently with Terence in Seattle and Brian in New Zealand. I ask that you send your prayers and/or positive thoughts their way as well.

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Sherry Luttrell said...

Thank you David (for the prayers)- We are fervently hoping & praying XL 184 trials open up for you!

T's Doc (Montgomery) is one of the led investigators for Abby- and also on the team for Provenge, but he is not convinced that Provenge would have any (strong)positive effect. He told Terence he could go on it if he wants to, but he would keep T on the same course of treatment with Provenge. So I am a bit confused about all the hype with Provenge, if this was his comment about it. What does your doc say about it?
P.S. Happy your overall health is stable.