June 26, 2011

Just like me

Though not a patient, I have long been a follower of Dr. Charles (Snuffy) Myers. As both a PCa survivor and a physician he has a unique perspective on this disease.
In the last year he started posting video blogs every 1-2 weeks. His latest is available at the link below and it is amazing how comparable his thoughts and points of view are with those I shared during the presentations I gave in March and again in May. As a matter of fact, if I didn’t know better, I'd swear he reviewed my notes!  That is clearly a joke!
Dr. Myers mentions the following in this video about ‘the will to live’:
The importance of resiliency or the desire and will to go on is primarily made up of:
o   A reason to want to live, to go on
o   Religion, particularly a pro-life religion (I was most surprised by this comment)
o   Family; a loving supportive spouse, children and grandchildren, etc.
o   Support groups; face to face or on-line
o   Something in your life that fills you with euphoria (he mentions hiking, for me it’s got to be disc golf)
o   Preserving reasonable hope and the fact that median survival statistics are for the most part useless.
I encourage you to go watch the video.

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Sherry Luttrell said...

Terence and I subscribe to these blogs- there is good advice and it keeps our minds open to treatments that are not 'Gold Standard'.

There are a few guys in T's Us Too group that are Snuffy's patients.
Only good things to say.