June 19, 2011

Old Reliable

Aside from the obvious list of supporters;  Mary, Brad, family, friends, etc, there is one more person that has consistently been with me through this journey.

I was already a fan when I was diagnosed, but right around that same time I acquired the album, 'Songs from the Old Blue Chair'. At the time I was working in downtown Kansas City and had a forty-five minute commute twice a day. Everyday there he was with his songs about Boston, pirates, sailors, beaches and more. The songs and the album became my escape from the reality that was crushing me emotionally and weighing on my physically.

In no way would I ever claim to be his biggest fan or proclaim that I know every word to every one of his songs. As I type this entry the song 'Boston' just came on my iPod. As I sit on this airplane, taking my last of nine flights to Atlanta, I am really struggling not to cry. This song, if there was 'a' song, is the song that best encapsulates the last six and a half years of my life. The song is basically about a girl who left everything in Boston to embrace the island life. If you are a long time reader you know my love of the beach, the sand, sailing, etc. I want that life. To leave everything and take Mary and Brad and leave cancer and life behind. To basically re-live the week I just spent on Anna Maria Island.  Coffee on the patio listening to the surf, mornings by the pool, walks on the beach, fresh seafood daily and a carefree, laid back life of little to no worries. It's a dream I would hope to fulfill someday.

Thank you Kenny Chesney for your beautiful music and for providing the momentary escape from the reality that has become my life.
Is it just me or do you also see the irony that the location I am most likely headed for my next clinical trial is Boston? Hmm? Maybe nothing, but maybe fate is stepping it up a notch.

(footnote - the tears won, I couldn't completely fight them off. They were happy ones!)

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The El Portal Theatre said...

Random comment, but I love the themesong! They're performing at the Nvitational in North Hollywood-people who read the blog might be interested (?)