February 11, 2010

It's been far worse

Today's milestone is a tough one.

Five years ago today I officially found out I had Prostate Cancer.

Here's a link to that blog entry:

February 11, 2005

I vividly remember sitting in a conference room at work taking the call from my doctor.

Wow, the emotions come roaring back.

I took this call and walked out of the office and cried the whole way home.

The weekend turned out to be the bottom emotionally. Mary and I cried, a lot!

The thing is, we recovered very quickly and by Monday evening when I came home from work, she grabbed me and told me that although we may not beat the monster, we weren't giving up, and most of all, we weren't going to spend any time feeling sorry for ourselves.

For the last five years we have continued down this path, finding the positive and not letting the negative get us down. We have not and will not dwell on the statistics. I'm in a different place now; a much, much different person.


Anonymous said...

Hey David!
I'm coming up on my three-year anniversary. I enjoy your attitude so much, and there are some days, like today, when it's about the only thing between me and some very dark days. Some days, I just can't ignore the numbers.

LeftTenant said...

David: Your generous sharing of your life adventure rallies me on my own cancer roller coaster--actually LIFE rollercoaster with cancer just a small part. Life--LIVE IT.

Marylanders said...

Amen! You and your wife are truly inspirations to all of us in similar situations.

My 58-year-old husband today is celebrating Year 3of brave living after a diagnosis of advanced metastatic prostate cancer. He's still got more energy and a better sense of humor than I'll ever have!

Brian W said...

Without being preachy, I am noticing God's hand in my daily life. Little miracles, feelings of peace and love, and the beauty of life and creation. It is people like you that remind us of these good things. I have dark days, too, but trying to recognize and journal at least one instance of God's hand in my life lets me know that I am still a child of my Heavenly Father and He knows me and my illness. It gives me strength that I don't have on my own.
May God bless all of us!
Brian W -Utah

Anonymous said...

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