February 03, 2010

Another loss

I did not know her particularity well, but she played in our golf tournament for a number of years. For her family and most particularly for her daughters, I include the following memory and prayer.

May the peace and grace of God comfort you all.

We beseech Thee, O Lord,
in Thy mercy,
to have pity on the soul of Thy handmaid;
do Thou, Who hast freed her
from the perils of this mortal life,
restore to her the portion of everlasting salvation.
Through Christ our Lord,


1 comment:

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the beautiful prayer and tribute to one of the most gracious, fun-loving and caring ladies I've ever been blessed to know . . . my mom. She promised to send us down a winning score someday so when it happens, we all know it will be a miracle.:) In the meantime, we will certainly enjoy the great memories she's created with us. We'll keep our prayers going for your continued health as well. Deb