February 23, 2010

Time keeps on slippin....

Some times days go by, fly by, and I just plain forget about posting here.

First, my dad is great. He was sent home from the hospital in less than 48 hours. He still has to wait for a few test results, but it initially looks promising.

Another milestone slipped by over the weekend. February 21, 2005
Ironic that the title is 'Without Comment" and I haven't really shut up about
it for five years!

We already had received the official news back from the doctor on February 11th. This was confirmation ofthe severity, the grave totality of the situation. If you read the post you might get a glimpse of what I believed has gotten me this far and provides me the strength to continue this battle day after day.

That first weekend was filled with faith, love of family and friends which in turn provided the hope required to win the battle. I refer to those words so often, but those words mean something.

They are far more than just words that I type into my computer.

Five years…so many wonderful memories, so many new friendships, so much more to look forward to in the years ahead. February 21, 2005 was truly the bottom. I wonder what's next?

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Brian - Prostate Cancer IV said...

I think the grief and pain that you shared early on help others relate. These are very valuable posts. Being able to relate allows us to share in your success and hope as you continue your journey. Thanks for your honesty.
Brian W. - Utah