October 10, 2010

The silence is deafening....

Earlier last week the Prostate Cancer Community lost another wonderful man, Howard Hansen.

Here is a brief synopsis of Howard and his work from the website he managed (http://www.hrpca.org):

Hansen has battled prostate cancer since 1993 and he co-founded Hormone Refractory Prostate 
Cancer Association (http://www.hrpca.org/), an independent nonprofit, more than 10 years ago. The association operates through the HRPCA.org Web site and through an email-based support group. Hansen and other volunteers provide information that helps patients manage their disease thereby maintaining their quality of life. The group of cancer patients also shares the latest medical literature on the newest treatment opportunities and strategies to aid them in discussions with their oncologists.

I never met Howard or even spoke with him on the phone but we exchanged a few emails and I read every post he sent to the Prostate Cancer support message boards. He was a wonderful resource and will really be missed by both us seasoned veterans and those that are newly diagnosed.

God bless you Howard, Joan and your entire family.

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