October 20, 2010

Here I go again

The irony in the title is a friend posted the video for this Whitesnake song on Facebook earlier today. Little did I know how appropriate it would turn out to be for my day.

Seems I've once again got a little issue with blood clots. My left leg has been hurting since the weekend and at first I just assumed it was due to the the massive amount of yard work Rich and I put in the last two weekends. After a drive down to the Radiology Dept. at KU Med Center for an ultrasound, it turns out it wasn't a muscle pull, but what was described by the doctor as an extensive series of blood clots down my left leg.

I knew where this would end up...back on Lovenox! See posts from August 2008, I've been here before!  I didn't enjoy it the first time, and certainly was not hoping for a second round!  So for now I begin the regimen of a self injection into my stomach, twice a day.

On the upside, at least we knew that blood clots are a potential side effect of the DES and went and had it checked out.  My next appointment with my oncologist is two weeks from Monday, (Nov 8th) and we'll discuss potential treatment options.  A decision we knew we would probably have to make in the near future, it looks like now it will be sooner, rather than later.


Anonymous said...

HI David-
Been following your blogs- sorry for the down turn-----Terence & I are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers--
We understand the stress of making a decision like the one you are facing.

Feel better,
Sherry & Terence Luttrell

Anonymous said...

Bob and I have been following your posts. Bob also has metastatic PC and in treatment at UW Carbone Cancer Center.You and your family are in our prayers! Hang in there!