October 05, 2010

Friends, family, strangers and enough nature to fill a book

Seriously! Has it really been almost two weeks since I posted an update?

I guess that makes sense because after my last post we had a golf tournament, a house full of friends and family and I spent last week in northern Wisconsin.  Time flies when you're having fun....and yes, I have been having fun!

The golf tournament once again went off without a hitch. The weather was absolute perfection and as always the support we received left me grateful to my family, my friends and the kindness of complete strangers. I won't have a total for a week or so but I am still hopeful that our donation to the Prostate Cancer Foundation for 2010 will be really close to $40,000. The majority of the funds raised are from the golf tournament.

My brothers and dad came over from St Louis along with other friends and family. This year I was once again honored with the presence of my dear friends Bill who travels all the way from southern Maryland and Bob who comes in from St. Louis. This year we had an extra day and we caught up and reminisced about 'the old days'. The stories we have...wow!

Sunday after everyone had returned home, Mary and I decompressed and straightened up all the odds and ends from the golf tournament. Wasting no time, Monday morning I jumped on a flight to Milwaukee, along with my brother in law, Rich and we were off to Minocqua, WI for five days of fishing and disc golf. Fall had already descended on northern Wisconsin and the trees were post card quality. The nights by the fire pit were chilly but the stars and meteors were a constant reminder of the higher power watching over me. The sky is so clear that sitting on the dock you can actually see the Nebulous.


This is doctor appointment week.  We are a little early this month to accommodate Dr. V's travel schedule.  I will have my monthly blood test and a bone scan on Friday.  More on that tomorrow or Thursday.

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Anonymous said...

Cool.... You almost got one of my, "Where the HECK are you" notes. I am glad you were having fun. Miss seeing you.

Tom T.