October 07, 2010

14 years later

Last month we celebrated a birthday. Our one, our only, turned 14.

Wow, that just doesn't seem right. When this journey, this part of my life began, he was but 8 years old, truly a boy. Now, six years later he is without a doubt, a young man.

What the future holds I don't know, but do any of us? At one point I had created a list of the things I wanted to do or see before PCa takes me. I looked but could not find the particular post.

I know a few of them are about to come to fruition;
- he will start driving, real soon, too soon!
- he will start high school, now less that a year away.
- girl friends and heartbreak are going to happen soon as well.

Graduation, college, marriage and blessing us with grandchildren are way, way into the future. I do feel much more comfortable today than I did last year and the previous four that I will get to share some of these milestones in his life.

God has truly blessed me with my great family and an absolutely wonderful, beautiful son.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

Happy to hear the happiness in your "voice"..Wish you the best in all the years to come :-0