October 11, 2010

And yet another

Friday was both my monthly appointment with my oncologist and a periodic bone scan. This translated into an entire day at the cancer center. We left the house a little before nine and we didn't get back home until nearly six.

It provided a chance for a lot of together time for Mary and I, as well as time for a lot of people watching. NOTE: I swear Lady Gaga walked into the Starbuck's on the Country Club Plaza!  We both got a laugh from this one! We also observed the typical jackass at the cancer center. This is the type of patient that visibly expresses their fear and concern through one of those permanent pissed off looks on their face. They follow that up with harsh words for the poor lady at check in and the cherry on top is when they make comments that clearly articulate the fact they certainly didn't listen to a word of the instructions they were provided explaining the CT scan process. The prime example is the statement he rudely yelled at the admin person behind the desk, "No I haven't received any liquids to drink, I'm here for a CAT scan, why would I have to drink anything?". OK Einstein, I'm going to speak real slow so you can follow along.....you must drink the liquid in order for the scan to capture the pictures of your insides!

Sorry, but sometimes rude, ignorant people just get to me. Back to the matter at hand, my status update....

Every time I have a bone scan Mary patiently waits in the reception area and when I come out she asks me 'what did you see? How did it look?' Usually there is not much to report, and there didn't seem to be this time either. However, after having radiation treatments back in June, I had expected much less visible activity on the monitor than I began to see as the scan was about half way over. There was a clearly visible spot on one of my hips. I'm not sure that it is more or less than March, but as I said, it was more than I expected to see.

Dr. V then provided this update; my hips and legs are 'stable' when compared to the last scan in March. I was hoping they were better after having radiation treatments in June but stable beats the alternative! My PSA however was at 35.08, up from 28.69 last month. Not too much of an increase, but not lower.

We spent considerable time discussing a new trial that was recommended by Dr. Simons of the Prostate Cancer Foundation. When I was in Washington, DC he mentioned that I should look into the trial and discuss it with my local Oncologist. There are three sites he recommended; San Francisco, Ann Arbor and Boston. At this point we are leaning towards Boston and hope to connect with the doctor there this week. Dr. Simons was kind enough to provide us with the contact information for all three centers.  We have selected Boston and have sent an email requesting to be considered for the current trial. The drug is called 'XL 184' and is specifically being used to target cancers that have metastasized in the bone. 

I'll post again as soon as we talk with the doctor from Boston.


Anonymous said...

Well that had to have been disappointing...I guess it's better than getting worse, but doesn't exactly give you a 'warm and fuzzy.' I'll be thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

I love you brother. And I love your family too. I think about you guys all the time, and laugh out loud occasionally remembering a moment when we worked at 7500. I look forward to seeing you soon.

- Kirk

Dan said...

Hey David, I just started the process for getting on the XL 184 trial with a clinic in Las Vegas. So far they have had extremely good results with variable side effects (some worse than others). I'll be interested to see how it goes for you. I've just started Provenge as well but when that's done in 6 weeks I'll hopefully get on the XL 184 next. Good to hear you're stable for now & thanks for all you're doing.