October 24, 2010

It still doesn't suck!

Last year at this time, almost to the day, I spent a perfectly beautiful day sailing with my good friend Jim.
(I wrote about it here: http://prostatecancerat42.blogspot.com/2009/10/it-didnt-suck.html )

So this morning, one year later, in a boat with a few more feet in length and weather that was nearly identical to last year's, we set off for four hours of perfect sailing. When I left the house the overcast was thick and gray but when we arrived at the Lake Perry Yacht Club at 11:15, the clouds had began to break. As you can see by the pictures above, within an hour we were enjoying a steady 10-12 MPH headwind, blue skies and seventy degree weather.

Due to my medical condition du jour (blood clots in my left leg) I was more passenger than captain but it is impossible to complain after the way it turned out. We enjoyed a Chiefs win on the radio, lunch on the boat, and a considerable amount of Jimmy Buffet as we covered at least 17 miles.

Thank you is not enough Jim.  Next year let's make this a monthly event!

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