January 27, 2010

47 Random birthday thoughts

1 It was great to have coffee with Mary this morning
2 I hope "Take 5 Coffee Bar" is a success - it's a tough business
3 It's nice when total strangers compliment you on your child
4 I pray for a cure for Advanced PCa in my lifetime
5 And If not a "cure" the ability manage this disease for many, many years
6 I want Mary to find comfort, peace and content and not live with stress
7 I want us to celebrate our 20th, 25th and ? wedding anniversaries
8 I long for a trip to the beach, still
9 Will I be here when Brad graduates from high school?
10 Or when Brad graduates from college?
11 Or when Brad gets married?
12 Or Brad and his bride have grandchildren?
13 What will be my next career?
14 I love sushi and look forward to birthday sushi with Gary
15 Dinner at Garozzo's with the family, it's been a few years!
16 Happy birthday Cack's!!
17 I love the water, the ocean so much that I believe I was a sailor in a previous life
18 Thanks for the book Melissa
19 Thanks for all the birthday wishes!
20 I was jamming to Carbon Leaf this morning, love that album
21 How cool is the iPad? Did you see today's announcement? Price will be interesting...
22 I am a tech geek, I admit it
23 Lunch was great, is there a nap room around here?
24 So many books, so little free time
25 I'm done buying music, I have over 40 gig and over 10K songs, done I say
26 Love, life, peace, hope
27 Family, friends, and the kindness of strangers
28 Given a choice, I'll take apple pie over cake
29 Thinking there might be a connection between recurring leg/hip pain and disc golf
30 Disturbed at the long term ramifications if #29 is true!
31 I am ready for spring, it has been a long winter already
32 Also ready for a few warmer evenings and a fire pit or two
33 'Smores
34 Currently listening to Van Morrison, Brown Eyed Girl
35 I truly love my very own brown eyed girl
36 The Moody Blues - Ride My See-Saw, never knew the name of that tune
37 I once saw Black and Blue (Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult and the Checkerdome in St Louis).
38 In regards to #37, Tony fell asleep, seriously.
39 Dear Pandora, I don’t like the Beatles, please stop playing them….forever!
40 You can teach an old dog new tricks, our seven year old, 95lb lab now sleeps on the floor
41 In the thick of the battle, where do you find peace?
42 Did anyone read this far?
43 What kind of husband, friend, brother, person was I before PCa?
44 I like the new me better than the previous version (David 2.0?)
45 People DO change, maybe not completely
46 So many milestones in the next few weeks
47 I pray for the health that will provide me the ability to write a list of 48 next year!


Anonymous said...

Yes, someone did read that far - read and enjoyed all 47. Need to work on teaching my old dog to sleep in his own bed!

Wishing you a very happy birthday and many more to come. Hope nothing interferes with those disc golf games!

Your friend

teech2learn@yahoo.com said...

Yes, I loved it. Always hoping praying and wishing the best for family and friends. Have a wonderful birthday and many more to come!
Best wishes, Karen Baerveldt(Rich's sis)

Jan said...
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Dan said...

Happy birthday, David. Does it feel like the last 5 years have been a lifetime (David 2.0 is a good metaphor)? Blessings to you and your family! And many more birthday celebrations

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday. I pray for your continued strength and courage. You have touched so many lives in such a short time. We all need to look at our inner "2.0".

God Bless you and yours

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday !

I dont believe #25 is going to survive. :)

#42.. Yes!

Tom T.