January 10, 2010

My Latest Obsession

So now I'm hooked, and I mean really hooked on the show 'Rescue Me'. It stars Dennis Leary as New York City firefighter Tommy Gavin. I got season one from Netflix some time ago and just started watching it over the holiday. Season one originally aired back in 2004 and I believe season five just aired recently. I watched my way half way through season two this weekend and am enthralled.

Tommy's past constantly haunts him, his failed marriage, the death of his cousin on 9/11, alcoholism, etc. In the first season he saw visions of people he saved, or didn't save from fires. This season he started having visions and discussions with Jesus. If you watch the show, it all makes sense.

So on the episode I was watching this morning, he's talking to Jesus and they are dancing around 'God's Plan'. You know, why would God inflict pain and suffering on us without revealing his plan? Wow, did that hit close to home. I've really been living that mystery for the last five years! There has to be more to this then diagnosis, treatment, suffering, death. Furthermore, what about those in my life that are left behind? What about the impact on their 'plan'? What about the impact on their life, their future?

Sorry to be so cerebral, so theological today. I was just obsessing a bit because sometimes, it is about me..


Scipio said...

Perfect discussion for a Monday. I think we spend too little time pursuing the "examined life." We need to have these discussions or we fail to find answers and that is ultimately more difficult than wrestling with the questions and coming up with something -- even if it is wrong.

John Paul said...

David - Just heard your call on the Dennis Miller Show...God bless you and thank you for giving me a kick in the butt today, making me realize how small my "problems" really are.

I'll have to check out "Rescue Me" - sometimes I feel like I overly-examine my own life, but it does help us find answers and understand ourselves better.

Take care,
John Paul

Anonymous said...

Your make me proud of you and a little ashamed of me. But here is something to think about, My dad Nathan (Nat), of blessed memory, was diagnosed with an agressive form of prostate cancer. He was told he has six months. He lived another 23 years.

My name Rafael which many people think is Spanish is actually Hebrew. It means "God heals." Lets us remember the source of all and invoke his healing on you and all of us.


Rafi Guber

Bob D. said...

I recommend the book "The Shack".
I deals with the age-old question: where is God in the midst of our pain?