January 13, 2010

On a whim.....

Like much of what I have seen of Dennis Miller over the years on TV, his radio show is this eclectic gathering of thoughts, ideas, topics and more. It's politics, Hollywood, authors, and just regularpeople like you and I rolled into three jam packed hours of entertainment.

At work while in between meetings, etc. I popped in to listen to the live webcast of the Dennis Miller Radio Show. During today's second hour, Dennis had a guest author, Jim Moret. Jim has recently published a new book "The Last day of My Life" and the back story and conversation between he and Dennis had me mesmerized. After Jim's segment ended, on a whim I called Dennis.

Much to my surprise two callers later it was Dennis and me, live on the air! I initially called to share some smart ass remark he could share regarding Sarah Palan and Bill O'Reilly. First I wanted to thank Dennis for having Mr. Moret on the show, but very quickly the conversation turned to me. It was pretty cool. I even got to promote the website for 'Faith, Love, Hope, Win', twice!

I sent an email asking for a copy of the call, however I doubt that will happen. If by some miracle it were to happen, I'll post a link here.

Dennis, I know you'll never read this, but I wanted to once again extend my heartfelt thanks for allowing my a few minutes of time on your show. If just one person visits www.flhw.org and finds information on prostate cancer, and it causes him to see his doc, then it was worth my acting without thinking….which I tend to shy away from these days.

Keep up the good work Dennis, you are a fine, fine man.


Wendy said...

I'm one person who was listening to the show and heard you which led me to your blog.

My husband passed away a year ago (today is actually the anniversary) from a brain tumor. I was 9 months pregnant with our second child when he was diagnosed. He died 3 weeks later when our daughter was 10 days old and our son was 17 months old. Since then, I've connected with a lot of people online who are dealing with health problems or grief. I'm always looking for another positive site to read and I believe I found it here. Thanks for sharing.

Wendy Diez
P.S. I also went to KU:)

dsquared said...

David -

I am here because I was listening to Dennis today - and I am grateful to have found you. Your story resonates with me and, even though I fight it, I find myself becoming emotional reading your blog.

I lost the most influential person in my life to prostate cancer in 2006 - my dad. It was terrible. He suffered tremendously for 8 years until it got the best of him. I never understood the true meaning of courage until I witnessed first hand the strength and grace my dad lived with in his final days. I never witnessed true love until I saw how my mother cared for him. I was reminded of many of the details of those experiences today reading your blog and hearing you on the show. You said some things that are so true - you just put your pants on and go to work, for example - and that remind me so much of my dad. Dennis made an off hand remark also that has haunted me most of the day: It gets really primal when youre in the crosshairs.

In any case, thanks. I appreciate you and am thankful I heard you today.

Derek Brown, who did not go to KU

Amy said...

I'm glad you put yourself out there. My husband chose to stay private about his situation and many of his friends were surprised when I called to tell them that he had passed away from advanced prostate cancer at the age of 51 diagnosed at age 50. I hope your call can get the word out that this is not an old man's disease and though you and Bob are in the small percentage that deal with this much earlier then the norm - their are more of you out there - get tested early and stick around damn you.

Susie said...


I always start my day with cafe mocha and Dennis Miller and was so moved to hear you this morning. Your "few minutes" with Dennis will hopefully be a wake up call to guys out there to get a PSA done, and get a copy of the report. My husband, age 66, died in December after 10 years of various trials and treatments for his prostate cancer. The maddening aspect was the revelation that his tests had been highly positive for the previous 3 years and we were never informed, despite our follow up each time as to those lab results. Needless to say, our lives drastically changed, but we lived it to the fullest with the time we had. The shock of his illness at his young age, did alert many of his friends to be tested and become more aware of prostate cancer.

It was quite a journey and despite the difficult times, there were many blessings and much support from our family and friends, along with outstanding medical care.

Thank you again for sharing your story and this web site and do keep in mind that miracles really do happen! Now, get thee to that warm beach and some sand in the toes time!


Tina Marie Ito said...

I, too, was listening to Dennis' show when you called in. I was moved to pull over and write down your web address so that I could find your blog...your site is beautiful, by the way.
David, you are doing a wonderful, selfless thing to provide information, resources and hope to others...tools that may save their lives.
I am going to include you in my daily thoughts....
Thank you so very much for touching my life today.
Tina Marie Ito

Dan said...

Didn't hear the show, didn't go to KU, but David, you are doing awesome work! I'm three years into my PCa adventure, just turned 50, and am very appreciative of all you do. You give me hope.

Anonymous said...

Calling Dennis Miller has done more than you realize. My prayers are with you and your family.


Anonymous said...

On a whim as well, I was listening to Dennis Miller in my car yesterday. I was drawn in by your story and jotted down your URL to check out your site. It really is a great site! Tons of info. Good luck to you and strength to your family. Thanks for sharing your story-

Anonymous said...

I too was listening to Dennis when I heard your conversation. I was moved enough to check out your website and admire you for the work you're doing. My father in-law (55) has been fighting cancer for 9 months and it is so hard to watch. I am going to direct him to your site and hope he finds some comfort and inspiration in it. God Bless you & your fasmily!

Carlos said...

David -

I heard you on the Dennis Miller and you're conversation with Dennis is the reason I am now on your website.

My boss was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2009 and he's a fighter. I am in my 30s, but will be ready for my exam when the time comes.

Thank you for your call and inspiration. I will check back and visit your website often. You're a strong brave man and the world needs more folks like you.

God bless,
Carlos Herrera

e Man said...

David, I also heard you on the Dennis Miller show and was moved by your call. I have a copy in MP3 of the entire show. Let me know the best way to get it to you...

God Bless - Erik Manassy
Twitter - e_man

Anonymous said...

Hi David.. Im no stranger to you even though I sign as anonymous.
Nope. No KU.. and No I did not hear Dennis Miller on the radio. I just chimed in to say, what a hell of a guy you are. Keep up the good work. Just look at the 11 comments from just one posting. Be proud and find that sunny warm beach soon. You and your wife deserve it. Lord save us from the fog and ice.

Tom T.

Anonymous said...

I, too, heard your comments and was struck both by your attitude and bravery as well as Mr. Miller's heartfelt concern. I wish you the best.


Anonymous said...

I also heard you on DM the other week and was intrigued by your conversation with him. I checked out your website and plan you follow your blog. Very inspirational.


marie-y said...

You are proof that one person CAN make a difference.