January 08, 2010

The beach is how far away?

I have to start by complaining a little about the weather. Wow is it cold here in KC! Sub zero temperatures and wind chills that will freeze you in minutes. Yes, we had a white Christmas, now I am ready for a little reprieve from the snow and freezing temperatures.

On Monday I had my four week appointment with Dr. V.My PSA stands at 111. That is up 3 points from December, virtually stable. If It had gone from 8 to 11, I'd be worried but with numbers that high, it's as if it didn’t change.

Yes I've become a little complacent, but what we are waiting for is a big jump and/oran increased amount of pain. Right now, as I type this I am pain free. This leaves us,once again, living in a 28 day cycle.

At some point, hopefully months from now, we will have to make a decision on our next treatment. I've gone over what those choice are here time and time again so I'll save that for another post. The choices are few and the long term benefits of most are negligible. However, we go on,heads up, stronger than ever.

As we grind through another frigid winter day I look forward to a few degrees of warmth that perhaps will come next week. I also look forward to a trip to the beach and the warmth and comfort of sand between my toes and Maryat my side. Perhaps it's time to start making those plans...

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Anonymous said...

Very glad you are feeling good and PSA is remaining stable. Yes, I agree it is time to plan a trip to someplace warm! Hawaii is beautiful. I think all of us Midwesterners deserve a break!

Your friend,