March 05, 2009

In like a lamb...

On Monday, March 2nd, I had my monthly appointment for Zometa (bone strengthener) and Lupron (testosterone suppressor). I thought my next meeting with Dr. V was on the 30th of March, so I asked the lab to draw enough blood to run a PSA test.

The result?

Down to 36.41 or almost two points lower! Not a big decrease (considered statistically stable), but a move in the right direction none the less...We'll take it!

It turned out we did have an appointment with Dr. V, but it was brief. He was going to provide feedback from a conference the week before, be he was not able to attend. We were going to provide him an update on our potential decision on next steps, but we were not yet prepared to make that decision.

Later that Monday, we were able to consult with a medical expert who shared with us his personal opinion of the best option for us to treat my specific condition. In considering where the treatments are offered, we may be headed back down to MD Anderson. We will probably pursue a clinical trial that offers bone targeted therapy. Given that my specific cancer is thriving off the tumors in my bones, we think it makes sense to find a treatment that targets the bone metastasis. We will make arrangements to meet with a doctor down at MD Anderson and ask for their second opinion regarding the next treatment.

That's all I have to report for now. I'll post further updates as the details unfold. In the mean time, taking it one day at a time!


Anonymous said...

David, I´m very interesting on this new treatment for bone met. for my husband. Please let me know the reult of your visit.
Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Good news that the PSA is stable/dropping! The bone targeted therapy sounds very promising. Thanks as always for keeping us updated and enjoy the taste of spring we are having here in the Midwest!

Your friend,

Anonymous said...

Very good news to be stable/dropping
Good luck in Houston

Anonymous said...

David - I looked at the MD Anderson Site and found the article on strontium-89 is that the treatment you are looking at?
Let us all know how this goes.