March 29, 2009

Out like a lion....

With the beginning of Spring and the end of March came a nice little reminder from Mother Nature as to who's in charge! We received a late season snow storm yesterday that delivered about 5 inches of snow on our house. It was very pretty to wake to this morning, but rather heavy to shovel from the driveway.

Tomorrow is my four week appointment with Dr. V, as well as a Lupron shot and Zometa infusion. I am rather concerned about my PSA, being that my sole treatment right now is Lupron. It has been two months since my last chemo treatment. Where did the time go?

Overall, I am still feeling very good. I worked out four mornings last week, I was able to shovel the driveway this morning and even played disc golf again yesterday morning before the snow arrived. I have been experiencing mild pain in both knees throughout the day. Nothing real bad, in fact I have yet to take Advil to deal with the pain. I'm not sure of the connection, but this all started after I weaned myself from the daily steroids I was taking until about two weeks ago. I was taking the prednisone during the chemo regimen. I had to slowly withdraw over two weeks. We definitely will discuss with Dr. V tomorrow.

At this point MD Anderson has received my records and we are expecting a call early this coming week to begin the scheduling process.
A few non-David health related updates:

On May 9th we will be holding the 2nd Annual FLHW Disc Golf Tournament. We were fortunate enough this year to gain access to one of Kansas City's newest private courses. A wonderfully generous man built the course for the express purpose of providing non-profit foundations an alternative venue for fund raising events in Kansas City. I recently discovered that the course will also be used for this summer's World Disc Golf Championship being held here in KC. We are hoping that this might attract a few more teams that are looking for ways to get on and practice before this summer's major event.

The man who owns the property and course is the owner of Suburban Lawn and Garden. He does some unbelievably philanthropic things here in Kansas City. As we began to plan the disc golf event he extended an offer for a new program at the greenhouse and garden center at 135th and Wornall. Each Friday, for six consecutive weeks, a different charity will receive 10% of all sales between 5 and 8 pm. Also, during the week leading up to the event the charity will be able provide information about their charity to Suburban's customers. FLHW has secured Friday, June 5th! We are very pleased that will give us yet another opportunity to promote the importance of early detection for prostate cancer and make men and women more aware of this disease that kills 28,000 men annually. More details regarding this event will be forthcoming as the date approaches.

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Anonymous said...

Good Luck with the appointment.
I am wondering if returning to keto, or starting DES ,or even patches while You are off chemo is an option to slow it down or stablize it for You.
You continue to be in My prayers.