March 31, 2009

5 hours of pain followed by 90 minutes of pleasure!

First and foremost, PSA: 36.36, down a fraction from last month.

It's all about stability right now and this was great news. I was pretty worried before the appointment.,

Overall yesterday's visit to the cancer center was a great big drag! As usual we arrived at 8:30 for labs, then our meeting with Dr. V, and then it was off to treatment. On a normal day we would have been done and on our way by 11:00am. Everything was proceeding as expected until I checked in at the treatment center at just before 10:00am. We waited, and waited and finally were called back at 11:40ish. One thing led to another and it turns out we didn't leave until 1:15pm, nearly five hours later. I'm not sure what the issue was? Too many patients, too few nurses, but it was frustrating! Oh well, I'm just hoping it was an anomaly.

Mary and I were famished at that point so I agree to have lunch with her at the Blue Koi. The history on the Blue Koi is this; it was one of our favorite places to eat until last summer. We would go there for lunch everytime I had treatment or doctor appointments. However, after about my third or fourth chemo treatment, I couldn’t eat it anymore. It tasted horrible. It was a shame that the one thing chemo had to ruin was my ability to eat at one of our favorite places.
So yesterday we returned for the first time since last summer. The result? All is well, it was wonderful, again!

After lunch I returned home and finished some work for a few hours before my next appointment, my massage. Mary had given this to me for my birthday back in January. This was only the second time I had a massage. Te first was over two years ago in Tucson. This time it was quite a bit longer, but I have to tell you, the 90 minutes went by like five! Bottom line, I slept like a baby and am feeling good today!


Anonymous said...

Great news about the PSA (and that you are able to enjoy your favorite restaurant again)! Mary sounds like a real sweetheart to get you the massage - something we should all do for ourselves on a regular basis. Glad you were able to enjoy yourself after the hours spent at the hospital.

Your friend,

Anonymous said...

Your whole approach and attitude throughout this journey to date is no doubt directly responsible for the PSA stability. Your optimism, hard work and intense resolve to be the aggressor against the cancer is so inspiring David. It is a blessing to know you. We pray for you daily, and I think about the 'old days' all the time. My family misses you, Mary, Brad and Buck. Give my love. - Kirk

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Your story is inspiring. Thanks for keeping us up to date.