March 04, 2007

Checking in…..

I haven’t updated in a week for a number of reasons.

First, I was in Tucson speaking at an industry conference. I was hoping to enjoy the warmth of Arizona and relax a little. While I was able to relax, the warmth of spring decided to wait a week until after the conference! I did play 36 holes of disc golf! Additionally, Mary talked me into having my first ever massage. The conference was at the “Westward Look Resort and Spa” so I booked thirty minutes on Wednesday afternoon. I was always a little leery of the whole massage thing, having a stranger rub you down?! Let me just say I ready for the follow up treatment! It was incredible!

The second reason for the delay is Mary’s dad had a triple by-pass surgery on Saturday. It all happened rather quickly. He is recovering very hastily and even walked around the nurse’s station this afternoon, just 24 hours after they finished the surgery! I was amazed!

Tomorrow I have my seventh Zometa treatment and monthly PSA test. There is not much to report beyond that? I still feel great and am praying for a lower number or stability at the worst. There were several clinical trial updates this week; some real promising outcomes, for the years ahead!!

Drug could Slow the Growth of Advanced PC

Green Tea and COX-2 Inhibitors

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