March 15, 2007


Something that struck me as I spent time at the hospital in ICU last week. I really don't like hospitals. The doctors office is no big deal, neither is the imaging center. Patient rooms, ICU, that 'smell', at times it really got to me.

Mary didn't know it at the time, she does now. With all that was going on with him, how selfish or whiny would it be to talk about me? One day, we continue to pray, many years from now, that could be me. The purpose of my visit would of course be much different, but all those tubes, monitors etc., people coming and going, checking vitals, providing meds, the smell. I pause and pray it's a LONG time for David!

A morbid thought? I guess it is perhaps. However, receive a diagnosis similar to mine and try not to have these thoughts. They don't consume me, I just 'go there' from time to time. This was one of those times.

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Anonymous said...

I continue to pray with you. May your end come when you are an old old man maybe on the last hole of your favorite disc golf course having played the best round of your life.