March 23, 2007

Damn this cancer!

In 1999, I had the privilege of being admitted to the Rockhurst University Executive Fellows MBA class. The two year program, which consisted of classes on alternating Fridays and Saturdays, made a remarkable change in my life.

There was one individual on the staff, an angel much like my grandmother, her name is Marian. I am not sure to this day what her title was? She was basically, the coordinator of everything. From admission, to guest speakers, to travel arrangements, you name it, she got it done.

Well she's in trouble, in November she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has had a number of treatments and surgeries and now she needs our prayers.

For the first time in months there are actually tears rolling down my cheeks. If ever there was someone who didn't deserve this, it is her. She is such a wonderful women, like I said, an angel if there ever was one. With Faith, Hope and or Love she will WIN this battle.

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Thanks for the note about Marian. She and her family will definitely be included in our prayers!