March 18, 2009

Spring and a break!

Spring found KC in a big way! The weather since last weekend has been wonderful, and we couldn't have asked for better timing since we stayed home for Spring Break!

Oh course there has already been four rounds of disc golf and Saturday we helped some of the guys from the local club out by orking on the course in the woods. It was only two hours,but back breaking work!

Monday Brad and I played 9 holes of ball golf and he did really well. He showed much improvement from last year at this time.

Yesterday I played disc in the morning, washed and detailed cars for two and a half hours then played another round of disc golf. This year the FLHW disc golf tournament is being held at a private course, just two minutes from the house. It's long, there are a lot of trees that come into play, and it took two of us two hours to play. We primarily went out to determine how to lay out the course for our event on May 9th. It's going to be great, a real challenge, and I really hope the local disc golf community (and others) come out to play and support the cause!

Well, that's really it for now, I'm really tired after yesterday and I still have two or three basketball brackets to fill out!

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Anonymous said...

Hi David,
Glad you are doing well and are so active.. I'm still "out there" watching for news from you, and when a week goes by with no news, I get a tad worried.

I care.

Thanks for the update

Tom T.

PS... ya wanna wash and detail my Jeep? :) just kidding