March 09, 2009

Disc Golf Overload

Friday it was 70 degrees, so Gary and I skipped out of work at 3 in order to enjoy the weather and get in a quick round of disc golf.

We decided to play a course in Olathe, KS that we don't go to very often. In the past I found the trees tended to be in the way, misplaced is a better description.

It seems in the past year they've done a lot of trimming, I really like the course now. Could be the trimming, or the fact I really took it to Gary. Sorry G, but I've only beat you a few times, and to take you by eight strokes was pretty darn cool!

Saturday it was warm again but windy. We decided to play at Wyandotte County Park as a warm up for a tournament on Sunday. There were nine of us and because the course is so long, we broke into three groups. I thought I shot horribly, but the wind was unkind to everyone and I was only beaten by three strokes, by Joe of course!

So Sunday rolls around and in additional to losing an hour of sleep, we lost any semblance of good weather. When we arrived at 8:30 the wind was howling at a steady 20mph with gusts over 30. In addition, the temperature was 45, at the most. It was a LONG day and in the end, I finished 5th out of 11 players in my division. It was fun and I met a few new players that promised to play in our FLHW Disc Golf Tournament on May 9th.

Monday I woke up a little stiff, but by this morning I was back to normal.

After all that, I just checked the forecast and it looks like the weekend is looking up!!!

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