September 29, 2008

Why I do this or IINAM, chapter?

I was going through the photos from the golf tournament last night and thought I would use the one on the left. My plan was to post an entry about why I put so much into the annual event. Not to be repetative, but It is not about me (IINAM).

Yes, a cure in my lifetime would be ideal, but not realistic. I hold on to hope however. You see, I do this for the Wes Witchers of the world. Wes was a young father like myself who was also diagnosed with advanced PCa. Wes' diagnosis was more agressive and we lost him earlier this year. I've never met his wife Sheri or his daughters but hope to do so later this month.
Sheri sent me the picture on the right yesterday. One of the daughters races sprint cars on tracks around central Missouri. As you can see, they made a little room on their car for 'the cause'. I knew nothing about this until I got the photo, I was brought to tears.
And so, this is why I do this.....
[The pictures from the golf tournament are on your right]


Anonymous said...

David, another fabulous FLHW event indeed. My favorite part was the beaming smile on your face that grew ever brighter as each participant arrived and was greeted by you. I will never forget this.

Peace is with you my friend.


Anonymous said...

David ,
It is wonderful what You do
for the cause ,keep up the good work
Dan J

Sheri said...

David, Thank you so much for everything you do and sharing our story on your blog. It means so much to Taylor, Haley, and I. You are an inspiration and I continue to pray for you and your family.

Wes's Girls